Removing Clutter

As I type this post I sit at a desk with papers covering it. I look across my room and see a table with junk in it. Then past the table is a stack of magazines that’s been there since 2008. Lots of junk that needs to be stored or thrown out. I debated on attaching a picture but felt like we could envision that instead.

Often when one thinks about clutter we visualize just physical clutter. All those receipts in my “to file” box and all those papers and empty containers just laying everywhere. Even my significant other has commented on it. But what about clutter elsewhere in our life? Let me give a few examples:

  • Money Clutter - I consider this to be when your money and financial life isn’t in order and it’s over complicated. I.e. you have no idea where all your money is going or how money flows in and out. Kinda like where you spend a lot and you do not track it and you get a bunch of bills in and they just accumulate.
  • Task Clutter - I have several items on my to do list and it seams crowded. Instead of just setting one project a week to do, I try to fit in several. Which I hardly manage to get just the one done. But had I just set the one project to be done I could have focused all my attention on it and marked it off my list. Else it’s just “cluttering” my list up.
  • Emotional Clutter - We should all have a good idea on what this is. We commonly refer to it as “emotional baggage” or some other term that just means past feelings that were bad or painful for us. This one is a bit harder to get rid of, but never the less it holds us down.

I’m sure you get the where I’m going with this. It is very important that you keep your life uncluttered as much as you can. This week my to do list is to remove some physical clutter and hopefully remove the table that sits in the middle of my room.


Just an update on the trying to only use $20 cash for the weekend, it failed since I went out to eat with family. But it was less then $40 so at least it wasn’t double.

Making Excuses to Cutting Expenses

I am not sure about yourself but I know that I invent all kinds of excuses instead of taking care of the tasks at hand. One of those tasks is looking at my expenses and seeing which ones to cut.

Before my income went up I would often keep a spreadsheet printed out that I would fill out every time I bought something. I also used to keep cash in envelopes. Well as time went on I stopped using envelops and spreadsheets. Now when I record expenses I just put it into the computer and make sure money is there.

Eating out is one of those expenses I know I have to cut, but I have used excuses like not enough time or no point in avoiding it. I used to use cash and when the cash was gone I would stop spending. But with a debit card it is now easier to over spend then with cash. I also tried to use one account just for eating out, yet when it’s empty I end up just using my other accounts.

There are two options I know of to do

1. Continue on as is This is the easiest and most simplistic. I can keep my own laziness up and not curb the expenses.

2. Try to use cash one month and when it is gone it’s gone this is what I should do, but each time I run into the issue of how much is enough?

I think I’ll try #2, But I do know that at one point $25/mo would be plenty.
But lately I have set $50 and its gone in a week or two. Yet I do know I do not want to go over $100/mo. I will give $100/mo a try and see how it goes. For this weekend I have  $20 in cash, lets see how far I get with it.

What is your suggesting? Just leave a comment and let me know.