A Bit of Background

I was born into a family that did farming, for most of my childhood I wore hand-me-downs and simple clothes. I cannot begin to even count the number of sweatpants I had growing up. I started to develop a niche for computers around the fifth grade and by the time I was in the ninth grade, I was starting to generate income from my computer knowledge.

I grew up in a small Western Kentucky town and have lived at the same address for my whole life. I attended public school before I graduated from High School. The big fail I think of public education is lack of financial education. More emphasis is placed on knowing Algebra then learning about balancing a check book or the bad side of debt.

On the academic side I enrolled in dual credit classes in High School and I’m currently a student in college. This leads me to where I am now. My tuition for Fall/Spring semester is paid by two scholarships that is based upon good grades/ACT score. Books, etc. on the other hand are not covered, so being the unknowing student I took out Student Loans, to the full amount of $5,500. What happened to this after the books? Not even I’m sure. I would pay my bills just fine and as soon as I deposit the check it’s like my income goes down, by the time I move it out the account a large chunk was gone.

I started to notice how when I would pay a little here or there just how much was interest.  One payment I made went all toward the interest and I still owed more interest. If it’s like this for student loans, I would hate to see what other people pay on upside down mortgages.