College spending plan

With several state FAFSA deadline coming up its important to start preparing for the upcoming college semesters. I know myself that I’m waiting on the university I plan on transferring to for them to update their prices so I can plan around that. Maybe take one less class if It just won’t work.

In addition this builds on me working more hours as I am expecting to pay about $1,400 this coming semester. So I best be getting my expenses under control and finding ways to increase my income. For myself I plan on attending Western Kentucky University, which hasn’t released the Fall 2013 rates yet. But I plan on using the Spring tuition for calculating what I may owe. Which for what I am going for and the fact that it is mostly online, it means I have to pay $424 per credit hour, plus an “online” fee of $71. So it will be $495 per credit hour, or $1,485 a class.

I plan on taking three classes so it will be $4,455, I have applied for a scholarship for $2,000 a semester and I feel pretty good about it. I also have a scholarship that’s funded by the state lottery that works out to about $1,125 a semester I think. So this works out to me owing $1,330, which should be doable.

With classes starting in August I have $500 saved up and 5 months to go I need to ensure I’m putting back $166 a month. Which I am having my business save back a little bit and so far I should be on track to having the needed amount. So long as my plan works out then I will not need to take out any student loans nor will I have to pay the payment plan fees.

So if your going to school, do the math and see how much you need to save back.