The Value of Stuff

I’m not sure if it’s just from me reading to much of The Minimalists or if I’ve just been slow to realize how much stuff I have that I’ve valued wrong. I have several items that I once spent a lot of time and energy on that are now unused. I remember the Summer of 2004 saving up for the Nintendo GameCube and I’ve not played it since 2010 at the latest. Needless to say it’s on my list to sell.

I’ve even been purging myself of items I was holding onto just for memories such as my childhood blanket and school projects. Which has alarmed my family and my better half into fear since they believe I’m getting rid of my material possessions. Yet it has nothing to do with that. I want to simplify my life and make it easier, and have stuff with a true value.

Just this past week I got rid of last year’s copies of PC World, why I held on to old issues is for the mindset I might want to re-read an article. But I’ve grown to see my flaws and I’m starting to apply this to other items. The same can be said of books, several months old and not even once have I opened a few books.

Instead I’m starting to value just my day, life, and health. Which along with simplifying means I should think twice before making a big purchase. The last Amazon book I bough was purchased to improve a money-making skill. Same with furniture, last purchase was a file cabinet to hold my growing records. Both items only add value to my life.

As I age and get older I may revert back, but at least for now I’m learning to value my stuff better. Which some of the stuff I’m getting rid of (my GameCube for one) I’m selling in order to go toward my fund for Western. Other items I just want gone as they have outlived any use to me. Which I hope by the end what I do have is stuff I feel like is worth it, not just some piece of crap junk that will be thrown out.